Immaculate two-owner car, full service history, just serviced, long MoT, fully valeted, with great specification including CVT Automatic gearbox, air conditioning, DAB radio with USB and HDMI input and screen mirroring, traction control, cruise control, lane departure warning, electric windows and power-folding heated mirrors, parking sensors all round and alloy wheels! This is a great opportunity to acquire a low-mileage small hatchback in spotless condition throughout, with a huge specification.

In the details below, you’ll find full details of the specification, vehicle history, and a thoroughly detailed condition report.
Twenty-one large-format photos also below!

I’ve recently taken this Jazz into stock from Hilary.  Hilary is a delightful lady living in the same sheltered accommodation as my 90-year old mother.  With advancing years and declining health, Hilary has decided to give up driving, and knowing from my mother that I am in the trade, she asked if I wanted to buy her car from her.   Knowing how good these cars are, I was pleased to help her out and buy the car into stock.

Hilary was obviously a keen Honda Jazz user – she had one previously which she traded in to Bristol Honda in July 2017 against the purchase of this car.  At that time, this Jazz had just 7,300 miles on the clock, and was being sold as a Honda Approved Used Car.  Hilary paid extra for extended warranty and main agent servicing, as well as for the application of Autoglym Lifeshine protection to the interior and exterior – which has clearly paid dividends as both have remained bright and shiny.  Since buying it, Hilary has had the car serviced in the spring of each year, even though the mileage covered between services was generally only a couple of thousand – so that now, at seven years old, the Jazz has still covered less than 20,000 miles.  I picked the car up from Hilary – it started first time despite not having been started for some months – and then drove it back home, and it performs very well on the road, with excellent driving manners and strong performance.

This example is fitted with the economical yet powerful 4-cylinder 1.3-litre 16-valve petrol engine.  Here, it develops a healthy 101bhp, which is plenty to whizz this car along very acceptably.  It gets up to speed comfortably, and maintains it without a problem out on the open road.  In this example, the engine is matched with a CVT automatic gearbox.  CVT gearboxes have grown in popularity in recent years, although they can seem a little strange at first; essentially, there are no “gears” as such, as the car adjusts the engine revs and power output in line with the accelerator position.  This gives the effect of the car holding a steady engine note, as the speed rises.  In all cases, manufacturers set a series of pre-defined artificial gear positions (in the case of the Jazz, there are seven pre-determined “gears”) which then enables drivers to select gear ratios in the same way that you would a conventional automatic.  It all works away busily by itself – ultimately, like all automatics, you simply select “Drive”, press the accelerator and the car does the rest in the background!  In the Jazz, there is also a Sport function, and you can select the gear ratio via the paddle shifts behind the steering wheel.

There’s plenty of interior space, the seats are comfortable, and the equipment level on this SE model is what you might expect from the class above…hang on… two (at least!) classes above.   Air conditioning, cruise control with speed limiter function, traction control, electric windows all round, electric heated and powerfolding door mirrors, smart alloy wheels, high quality audio system with steering wheel controls, remote central locking, lane departure warning, tyre pressure monitoring, parking sensors all round, City Brake, traffic sign recognition, forward collision warning, start/stop function…. I thought this was a city car??

The Jazz has a terrific reputation on the used car market – not just for that legendary Honda build quality and reliability, but also for the huge space inside this physically-small car.  The motoring press universally recognize this, with comments such as:-

  • “If you want a Tardis, buy a Honda Jazz. It really is so ridiculously practical that if your situation dictates the need for small on the outside and big on the inside, there’s little else to touch it.” (Autocar)
  • “The Honda Jazz is an unusual small car, but its practicality and reliability are unbeatable in this class” (Heycar)
  • “It’s simply the most versatile small car on sale and one that’s easy to recommend. 10/10” (Honest John)

If that isn’t enough, “What Car?” have just issued their latest used car reliability survey – a survey of cars aged from 6 to 20 years old. And the winner? The 2015-2020 model Honda Jazz, with a reliability score of 100%.  “What Car” commented:- “The third-generation Jazz offers the low running costs you’d expect of a small car and the space and practicality of a mini MPV. On top of that, it’s very unlikely to let you down because it’s extremely robust. In fact, not a single older Jazz suffered any faults at all, according to the owners who completed our survey”

The Jazz was originally introduced way back in 2002 – and this is one of the third generation models introduced in 2015.  This car is the 1.3-litre 5-door model, fitted with a 1,318cc 4-cylinder petrol engine, producing 101bhp and 123Nm torque.  This gives it a lively 0-60mph time of 11.8 secs, and a top speed of 113 mph, so it is perfectly happy either running around town or out on the open road or motorway.  It’s not the fastest of cars, but equally you never feel like it is too slow or under-powered.  It’s ultra-economical too – running on the Euro Emissions 6 standard with figures of 64.2mpg on the Extra Urban and 58.9mpg on the combined fuel test!  Road tax is just £35 per year.
As a Euro-6 standard petrol engine, the Jazz is ULEZ and Clean Air Zone compliant too!

It’s finished in Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic, set off by the smart alloy wheels.  Given the age and perhaps as a reflection of that ultra-low mileage, it’s in outstanding condition – there’s none of the usual collection of trolley dents or scuffs that you might expect.  There’s not even any stone chips to evidence its 20k miles.  The SE model sits well up in the specification hierarchy, and brings all the features that you might want – and way beyond what you might normally expect from a car in this class…  Air Conditioning, 15” alloy wheels, DAB audio system with Bluetooth, HDMI and USB inputs and multi-app compatibility, cruise control, driver’s seat height adjustment, parking sensors all round, remote central locking, electric windows all round, electric power-folding and heated mirrors, ABS, power steering etc – as well as a whole host of safety features such as loads of airbags, ISOFIX seat mounts, Electronic brake force distribution, ABS, immobilizer, traction control, seat belt pre-tensioners, City Brake assist, forward collision warning, traffic sign recognition system, lane departure warning etc etc…. It is a thoroughly modern city car. 

The recorded mileage of just under 20,000 is absolutely warranted to be correct.  When Hilary bought it from the Honda Main Agent, it had just 7,300 miles on the clock.  There’s a suggestion that it was a Honda management-owned car, as the servicing at that point was done by Honda UK Manufacturing Ltd. Hilary then proceeded to have the Jazz serviced at Bristol Honda in each of the next two years, before then reverting to a local independent garage thereafter.  I have also had the car serviced in May this year, immediately after I picked it up, at 19,844 miles.  My mechanics did advise that it would be sensible to replace three of the four tyres which were showing signs of cracking due to age, even though there was plenty of tread remaining – so this has been done with new Kumho tyres fitted.  I also had a new MoT completed at that time – so this is also valid through to May 2024.

As you would expect, it goes, performs, steers, stops etc just as you would want and expect it to do.  The Jazz has a chain-driven camshaft, so there is no cambelt replacement to be worried about either!

The Jazz has also been fully valeted and Experian Data Checked (like HPI) and is clear (again, as you would expect).  All the owner’s handbook, radio guide etc is present with the car.

The pictures illustrate how very bright and shiny and well presented the car is, with no damage to the bodywork at all.

Giving it an excellent rating of 3.9 stars out of 5, Parker’s Car Guide comments:-

“The Honda Jazz, now in its fourth generation, has gained an enviable reputation for dependability and flexibility. With some traits more akin to a mini-MPV than a hatchback, the Jazz has become a firm favourite of those who want a car to be sensible above all else.
A longer wheelbase (the distance between front and rear axle lines) than most rival small cars means more space for passengers – with similar interior dimensions to a Mercedes-Benz E-Class (seriously) despite being around a metre shorter in overall length, as Honda is keen to point out.
The tall body means headroom is good all-round, but it’s impressive how easily you can fit adults into a car the size of the Jazz.  From behind the wheel of the Jazz is where you notice its MPV similarities, with a deep dashboard reaching towards the big, sweeping windscreen and large triangular windows ahead of the front doors. It’s a bright and airy interior and it’s very easy to see out of, making it a great car to nip around town in.
The Jazz appears larger than many other city cars, but that’s mainly down to the fact it’s taller. It’s still very easy to slot into tight parking spaces thanks to flat sides, big windows and big mirrors. It’s a doddle to use in town, and you won’t have any trouble with small parking spaces or tight city-centre roads.
Euro NCAP tested the Jazz when it was launched in 2015, awarding it a five-star rating. The Jazz performs well due to a strong body structure that should stand up well in the event of a crash, but there are also plenty of extra systems to prevent or reduce the severity of a crash in the first place.  City Brake Active System is standard, which helps to avoid or mitigate low-speed accidents between five and 20mph by monitoring the distance between you and the car in front, sounding a warning or even applying the brakes if the driver doesn’t react.
As you’d expect from a Honda, Interior material quality overall is good – there are no really unpleasant surfaces and there’s a mix of plastic types without it seeming like a bit of a mish-mash.  The touchscreen media system is easy to read and operate as it’s located close to and angled towards the driver. It’s quite easy to get comfortable thanks to an increased amount of adjustment in the wheel and seats, plus everything is well within reach so you don’t have to keep readjusting your position.
Supportive yet comfortable seats are easy to get in and out of thanks to wide-opening doors and a slightly higher position within the car than other superminis.
Even though the Jazz has an increased focus on handling compared with older models, the ride hasn’t suffered too much, meaning it still has cushioning suspension at low speed and a decent amount of bodyroll resistance at higher speeds.

The Jazz offers a low cost of ownership overall, but that’s mainly because it’s so reliable and dependable. The Jazz retains a good portion of its value, which should mean you retain more of its initial purchase price when you come to sell it on. Insurance prices should also be very reasonable – the car’s image and popularity among safe, older drivers means it doesn’t suffer a poor reputation as a ‘boy racer’ car.
The previous generation of Jazz was named the most reliable car in the UK for eight years in a row, and the current one looks to be following suit. There have been no official recalls in its life cycle so far, so buyers can rest assured it’s unlikely anything too significant will go wrong with theirs. Two engines provide the power in the Jazz – a 1.3- or a 1.5-litre petrol. The 1.3-litre will suit most Jazz buyers’ needs down to the ground if you’re pootling about town with little urgency to get somewhere in a hurry. The optional CVT automatic has been tuned for better fuel economy and driveability compared with the older generation, making it feel more like a manual box. It is the more efficient choice, offering 106g/km of CO2 and 61.4mpg for the 1.3-litre Jazz, but feels decidedly unhurried.  Planting your foot into the carpet results in an increase in revs but not much else, as this box reacts better to more measured inputs. As long as you’re not in a rush, it’s an easy thing to use. You can also select a manual mode and choose between simulated ratios with steering wheel mounted paddles.
  Honda has tuned the Jazz specifically for European roads, meaning there’s been a focus on ensuring it rides well on our less-than-smooth surfaces. Overall, it’s best to describe the way the Jazz drives as composed. It’s not exciting by any stretch – although it is surprisingly nimble on a country road – but more than anything it’s very easy and simple to drive.
Should you buy a Honda Jazz?  It’s recommended if you’re looking for reliable, steady and efficient. The Jazz has a nicely engineered feel, with crisp and responsive engines and responsive steering. In short, buy this car and you can be sure that it won’t let you down; it’ll be very easy to drive and live with.

Out on the road, the Jazz feels capable beyond its size and motoring segment.  It is comfortable and assured, accelerating smoothly, handling well and cruising comfortably too.  It’s well equipped too – and this car clearly benefits from the assurance of the warranted ultra-low mileage, fresh service with full service history, new MoT and valet.  All of those benefits also come before you consider the outstanding economy figures.

If you wish to do so, you can also optionally purchase a comprehensive WarrantyWise Platinum vehicle warranty covering 100% of the repair cost on all major components, at labour rates of up to £75ph, at a cost of £249 for 6-months, £329 for a year or £599 for 24-months, with a maximum claim of £5000 for any one claim.  Please click on “our services” above for more details.  Lower levels of cover are also available at lower cost.

Equipment and Features
> Finished in Brilliant Sporty Blue metallic paintwork, with charcoal cloth interior trim
> 1318cc 4-cylinder 16-valve fuel-injection petrol engine, producing 101bhp and 123Nm torque
> CVT Automatic gearbox with Sport setting, twin paddle-shift manual override, and seven pre-selected gear ratios
> Power Assisted Steering (PAS)
> Air conditioning
> Cruise Control
> Honda RDS DAB Radio with 7” touch-screen, with auxiliary and USB input sockets, single-CD player, Bluetooth, multi-app compatible, roof-mounted shark-fin aerial, steering-wheel mounted radio controls, and integrated anti-theft protection
> 10-spoke (5xtwin) 15” diamond-cut alloy wheels
> Electric front and rear windows and one-touch operation on the driver’s window
> Electrically adjustable, heated door mirrors with power-folding
> Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Traction Control System (TCS)
> Lane Departure Warning System
> City Brake Active System
> Forward Collision Warning System
> Traffic Sign Recognition System
> Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
> Remote control central locking, with two full remote controls
> Tinted windows
> Three rear seats, each fitted with 3-point seat belts, head restraints and with ISOFIX seat mountings to the outer two seats
> 60/40 split folding rear seat
> Height and reach adjustable steering wheel
> Start/Stop system
> Front and Rear Parking Sensors
> Automatic lights and automatic wipers
> Height adjustable driver’s seat
> Driver’s, Front Passenger’s, and twin side and curtain airbags
> Rear fog lamps
> Trip computer with average and current mpg, distance to empty, average speed and elapsed time functions
> Heated rear window
> Rear wash/wipe system
> 12v charging point
> Tailored front and rear floormats
> Map pocket to rear of front passenger seat

History and Documentation
> The current mileage is showing as 19,936 miles which is warranted as correct.
> The Jazz comes with its V5 registration document.  It was first registered 11th May 2016, and transferred to its second keeper (Hilary) on the 4th August 2017.
> The current MoT expires 10th May 2024.  It was issued 2nd May 2023 at 19,850 miles with no advisory items.   
> An MoT history printout shows the following MoT:-
13,598 miles;  02/05/2019 – No advisories
16,552 miles;  24/04/2020 – No advisories
17,548 miles;  16/04/2021 – No advisories
18,817 miles;  22/04/2022 – Advise for minor cracking on front tyres
19,850 miles;  02/05/2023 – No advisories
> The car has been Experian Data Checked (similar to HPI), and the buyer will receive a copy of the report – which shows no problems.
> The car has been serviced seven times, with records showing services at :-
  7,574 miles;  10/05/2017 – Honda Main Agent
10,092 miles;  30/04/2018 – Honda Main Agent
13,598 miles;  02/05/2019 – Honda Main Agent
16,552 miles;  24/04/2020 – Independent Garage
17,548 miles;  16/04/2021 – Independent Garage
18,817 miles;  22/04/2022 – Independent Garage
19,844 miles;  02/05/2023 – Independent Garage – my mechanics
> The owners handbook, service book, and book pack are all present.

Bodywork and Interior Condition
> As you can see from the photos, the bodywork is immaculate.  I looked hard, but I couldn’t even find any stone chips or trolley dents – just a couple of very light surface scratches. It’s spotless…
> The interior is like new, assisted by the original equipment floormats fitted from new

Mechanical Condition and Wheels/Tyres

> The car has covered just under 20,000 miles.  It goes very well indeed – and runs, steers, stops and goes round corners just as you would expect
 > All the interior warning lights come on and go off as they should.
> The road wheels are multi-spoke 15” alloys; none of them have any kerbing marks
> Three road tyres are new Kumho Ecowing ES31 185/60 x15s, all with 7mm of tread.  The rear nearside tyre has evidently been replaced separately recently, and is a Dunlop Sport Blu Response, with between 6mm and 7mm tread.  All have between 6mm and 7mm of tread.  There is no spare wheel as an inflation kit is provided instead.
> The locking wheel nut key and towing eye are present

All in all – this is an outstanding opportunity to acquire an immaculate condition small modern hatchback.  The Jazz is universally acknowledged to be one of the very best small cars available on the market, and the most reliable of any car…. couple that together with this example’s immaculate bodywork and interior,  full service history, long MoT, thorough valet, outstanding equipment levels, and peppy, responsive 1.3-litre  engine, together with outstanding fuel economy and that desirable automatic gearbox, and it’s hard to think of a reason not to buy it!

If you have any questions, please mail me or call me on 07917-234897.  Any inspection or accompanied test drive is welcomed by appointment.